Aliens are real – But they are not what you think.

Aliens are real but they are not what most people think they are. They are demons/fallen angels, spirits. Call them extra-dimensional beings if you want. We live in a world with three dimensions, length, width, and height. Every object can be measured by using all the combinations to determine its size. They come from another dimension beyond our three dimensional world and take on different forms.  It is part of the great deception in the end times. They deceive you by making you think they are aliens from other planets to try and disprove Yahshua (Jesus),Yahweh God. I believe one of the “culprits” for the rapture/gathering together of the saints will be “alien abduction of the undesirables..”. This will be a great deception to the world that the antichrist (end times One World Government leader) will definitely spin lies off of as well. Remember this always, deception changes perception.


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