HAARP Magnetometer Spikes and Earthquake Spikes: Connection?

Art concept of HAARP in action

The HAARP complex / ionospheric observatory up in Gakona Alaska, in association with University of Alaska Geophysical Institute, publishes live and historical charts of their fluxgate magnetometer. The traces represent the earth’s magnetic field.

It is interesting to overlay what the USGS considers to be ‘significant’ earthquakes on to the charts to observe if there is indeed any correlation at all between earthquakes and the earth’s magnetic field.

The following chart shows the period between late March and late April, a time when the earth shook with 8 ‘significant’ earthquakes. It also happened to be a time of apparent spikes and activity on the fluxgate magnetometer. The earthquakes are positioned at the top of the chart during the days when they occurred.

The next chart shows the period of time in May, up until today. The magnetometer was fairly quiet, and so were the earthquakes. However I do notice a spike that just occurred during today, May 20. This may or may not mean anything. But I thought it was noteworthy nonetheless.

Reported/truther/Source: pakalertpress.


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