Next 9/11 Revealed In Simpsons?

Many people are aware of the numerous references to 9/11 in movies, and TV shows etc, shown prior to 9/11/2001:  “Lone Gunmen” 9/11

9/11, 7/7, and the Oklahoma City Bombing, were all revealed beforehand in so-called “fiction”:- OKC Bombing and 9/11 Movies etc BBC “predicts” 7/7

The most famous example of “9/11 predictive programming” occurred in a 1997 episode of
The Simpsons, called “The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson”.

Much less well known, is the apparent “predictive programming 2.0″ which occurred in a 2010
Simpsons episode, called “To Surveil, with Love”.

In this episode, a radiological “dirty bomb” is detonated in Springfield.

This is blamed on “terrorists”, despite being caused by the bomb squad, who blow up an
unattended gym bag containing nuclear waste.

The resulting fear, is harnessed to justify the introduction of a central London style
surveillance system, with cameras on every corner.

These themes of false flag nuclear terrorism, followed by a police state, are also the basis
of “Operation Blackjack”, and the TV show Jericho: an “entirely fictitious slide show story”

Are we being prepared for another major false flag attack, and has the full date been
supplied within so-called fiction?

Helpfully, “To Surveil, with Love” contains “The Simpsons Doomsday Clock”, an obvious
place to look for answers:

It is easy to see the 9/11/01 when the clock is inverted, with the frame supplying a 01,
and a second 01 above the minute hand:

Understandably, the clock is more cryptic in its normal orientation, which may contain new information (see above).

When viewed the normal way up, the clock offers a 6, an 11, and there is a solitary storm cloud above the 12. The frame also supplies a 10.

So, following Homer’s eye line from left to right, 10+10+2 = 22, with a 6 below;
22/6 or 6/22, but what is the year?

There is also a crucial hidden 2, next to the 10 (see top photo also):- the hidden 2 discovered

Using this extra 2, and moving from right to left along the same eye line, on the
clock face = 2 01 2. This generates a full date of 22/6/2012 or 6/22/2012.

There are multiple year encodes: the year 01 is above the minute hand, when the
clock is inverted, 12 is the number above the minute hand when the clock is the
“right way up”.

12 is also highlighted by the storm cloud (a bad omen metaphor), and there are
12 fence posts behind Homer. The bomb is detonated at 5m:52s = 5+5+2 = 12.

Ignoring the clock face completely, and looking right to left at the largest objects,
there are 2 tree trunks, an 01 from the clock frame, and 2 full fence posts on the
left = 2 01 2 = 2012 again.

The 22/6 attack date is stated in the Operation Blackjack version of this “story”,
only the year was missing. 9/11/2001 to 22/6/2012 = 10y 9m 11d.

Interestingly, the doomsday clock reads 5:55pm, and appears at 5m:55s into the
“To Surveil, with Love” episode. The number 5 has been described as meaning
“fortress of doom” in occult numerology, 555 = triple doom:- original missing  save if interested.

These clues from The Simpsons, are merely a few of many indicating that a major
false flag attack is planned for 6/22/2012. This article provides a summary:

Links replacing the article’s dead link (1), best evidence in later posts:- Blackjack 2012 duplicate

Operation Blackjack and Jericho describe massive destruction from real nuclear
weapons. The Simpsons dirty bomb scenario seems more likely – plenty of fear/
control, for relatively little death and destruction; martial law made easy:-

Here is the same “story”, yet again, in the long running sci-fi series Dr Who,
which aired on 6/21 (Blackjack launch day), with a Titanic 2012 year clue:- Predictive Programming in Dr Who (4m)

“To Surveil, with Love” has one final message, for anyone who still believes
that it is pure fiction. It ends with the song “Get Ready For This”.

Additional Information:-

Production code MABF12. MABF = 13+1+2+6 = 22. 22/12 with 6 characters = 6/22/12.

Show ID SI-2112 = 21 (Blackjack), 12, 6 (sum), 22, 11 = Blackjack 22/6/12, death.

Episode 461 = 11 = sacrifices dedicated to Satan, e.g. Remembrance Day 11/11/11.

To Surveil, with Love = 21 (Blackjack) characters and spaces. Black Jack = Satan.

To Surveil, with Love = 21m:21s long = Blackjack Blackjack. 42 gods of judgement. New (2012) apparently related material.

Help to publicize/prevent any attacks planned for 6/22/2012:-



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