Representative Rants: Read the Bill!!!! “You should be ashamed of yourselves”

Illinois State Representative Mike Bost has finally had enough of politics as usual in the State of Illinois and wants to know why they don’t READ THE BILL. Bost erupted on the House floor Tuesday afternoon, after Mike Madigan and the party leadership called for a vote on a new pension reform proposal.

House Speaker Mike Madigan had only introduced the bill that same morning. It passed on a six to three vote and moved to the House floor for discussion within a couple of hours.

The bill is hundreds of pages long, and Bost says lawmakers should not be voting on a proposal without first reading it. “You should be ashamed of yourselves,” GOP state Rep. Mike Bost screamed as he stood on the House floor and flung copies of the bill. “Enough, when is it going to stop?” “I really don’t normally act that way,” a more subdued Bost told Fox News on Wednesday. Source: illinoisteaparty YouTube channel, foxnews.


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