UFO morphs into three lights (Video)

(US) A glowing orb hovering over the skies of Apple Valley, California on Monday split up into three distinct orbs comprising the now familiar triangle UFO shape in an extended video of the sighting posted to YouTube.

What is it?

The video has narrative commentary by a man and woman who are clearly excited and puzzled by the incident, which last for nearly 10 minutes.

As the clip begins, a single, orange, glowing orb can be seen hovering in the black, nighttime sky some distance away over nearby rooftops. As the video plays out, the orb splits into three distinct, circular objects which maintain relative distance from each other.

No sound can be heard from the UFO and its lights do not resemble those of any known aircraft displaying navigational beacons.

The objects don’t appear to be helicopters, Chinese lanterns or skydivers as they maintain a consistent altitude throughout the video. They cannot be any kind of fixed wing aircraft as they basically hover in one area of the sky.

This sighting is unusual because of its length, its non-resemblance to conventional aircraft, the silence of any engines and the consternation of the witnesses recording the event.

So, what is it?

Here’s the video:


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