Race To Retrieve Alien Spacecraft Thwarted By Russian and American Navy Ships

Ever since the mysterious object was first discovered on the seabed floor by salvage divers questions rose about its origins. Incredibly, images of the object bear a striking resemblance to the Millennium Falconcharacter Han Solo’s spaceship in the early Star Wars films. Its similarity to the film’s spaceship fueled rampant speculation that what the divers found is a crashed alien vessel. If it is extraterrestrial it’s potentially a bigger event than the infamous Roswell flying saucer crash. Some experts initially laughed off the discovery. But now two of the greatest nations on Earth are racing to grab the object that more and more researchers are convinced is of alien origin: a possible alien spacecraft containing super-technology that could shift the balance of power in the world.

June 9th UPDATE: The US and Russian navies have left the area after more than a week in the vicinity. Once the naval vessels departed the Swedish diving team reached the secret site. They have announced their intention to release new photos of the object. Whether the Russians and/or Americans retrieved anything from the object or analyzed it is unknown at this time.

Race for the ‘Baltic UFO’

It’s a scene reminiscent of the Alistair MacLean thriller Ice Station Zebra where Russian and American forces faced off on the Arctic icecap in a quest to be the first to grab a fallen spy satellite. The two naval superpowers are sending warships and high-tech salvage vessels steaming toward the region of the Baltic Sea where possible advanced alien technology lies waiting on the ocean floor.

In recent months, the discovery of a submerged object, possibly an alien spacecraft, has generated sensational news stories around the world from some of the biggest names in the media including CNN, CBS, and FOX News.

Dismissed as an unusual seabed formation by many experts, Russian and American intelligence analysts weren’t so sure. And now the two navies are racing to lay claim to the astounding object that may prove to dramatically shift the world’s balance of power.

Mystery object fuels massive speculation

Since June 2011, the amazing discovery of what appears to be a sunken UFO by diver and treasure hunters Dennis Åsberg and Peter Lindberg has ignited an explosion of intrigue and interest.

The two men make their living salvaging sunken wrecks they find at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

According to the Swedish website aftonbladet.se , after their momentous discovery, “They then systematically searched the seabed in an area of the Baltic Sea by using sonar. Suddenly recounted the instrument a remarkable formation of 87 meters. It was circular, about 90 feet in diameter, and there was something that looked like a drag mark in the 300 meters next to it. They had never seen anything like it. But they had at that time neither the time nor the resources to make it down to the bottom and take a closer look.”

And there the object lay until a deep sea team was formed to widen the investigation of the strange object.

Mystery object resembles Millennium Falcon

Dive team blocked by military vessels

Peter Lindberg, one of the co-discoverers and a diver on the team that planned to research the object told FOX News that” We’ve heard lots of different kinds of explanations, from George Lucas’s spaceshipthe Millennium Falconto ‘it’s some kind of plug to the inner world,’ like it should be hell down there or something.

“We don’t know whether it is a natural phenomenon, or an object. We saw it on sonar when we were searching for a wreck from World War I. This circular object just turned up on the monitor. We’ll be searching the area in a number of ways. We’ll use sonar to make 3D images of the bottom, the clay bottom, of that part of the sea. We’ll send down deep-sea divers too. And a camera robot. We’ll also take samples from the sea bed and measure them for toxicities and radiation.”

Now American warships have appeared in area too

Dennis Åsberg, Lindberg’s partner, has expressed frustration that their dive to discover the object’s secrets has been thwarted by Russian and American warships.

“We have put everything we own [into this venture],” he said.

Although the object is at the bottom of the Baltic Sea, the Russian Federation has no claim on it because the region of the seabed the object is located at is in international waters.

The location of the object was secret, but the Russians and Americans pinpointed where it is and have moved aggressively into the area.

Under the cover of naval exercises, both the Russians and American warships have kept the diving team away.

“I can not help but wonder why it is happening right now,” Åsberg complained.

Or what the military powers will find




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