Discovery Channel airs show with mermaid proof?

This is the story of the first-hand account of a team of government scientists who testify they found the remains of a never-before-identified sea creature with ties to human origins – a mermaid. Stunning computer animation, eyewitness video and photographic evidence shows what the creature looks like, and questions are raised about whether a massive government cover-up is hiding proof of their existence. – Discovery

This show has sparked a lot of debate. Touting government conspiracies and cover ups, with well respected in their field NOAA scientists making these claims. This is a “documentary” about how this marine biology team (NOAA) discovered a strange underwater animal call (named the “Bloop” reel) in 1997, and then in 2004 a strange whale beaching occurs in Washington, they find out that the NAVY may be responsible for using a new underwater sonar blast as a weapon– and causing severe trauma to whales, dolphin and the like.

NAVY’S use of new sonar to blame for killing sea life:

Well, according to this show, people witnessed “bodies” showing up in the beached whale masses… and the NAVY was going out of their way to cover it up. When NOAA listened to one of their underwater recording buoys to see if their suspicions about the NAVY using Sonar were correct, they heard a brand new recording of the “Bloop” sounds.

Watch full episode below

Keeley Belva, a spokesperson for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, told CNN that the organization had recently received questions about the existence of mermaids, which she attributes, in part, to the release of the documentary.

NOAA recently published a statement on its website saying there is no evidence that “aquatic humanoids” have ever existed.

But, CNN reported that John Athanson, the public relations manager for Weeki Wachee (otherwise known as the “City of Live Mermaids”) Springs State Park in Hernando County, believes mermaids are real.

“If you ask me, (mermaids) do exist,” Athanson told CNN. “They exist, and they exist right here in Weeki Wachee.”

Here are some photo’s of the strange spears that have been found in fishermen’s catches over the years:





2 comments on “Discovery Channel airs show with mermaid proof?

  1. It’s extremely difficult to tell where truth ends and fiction begins in this “documentary”, making it quite convincing. So it’s no surprise (and good) that people moved on their own to seek further information. The so-called “spears” pictured above *seem* to be legit findings, though, and if their elaborate construction is any indication, there would seem to be something or someone intelligent out there alive deep in the largely unexplored ocean of the world.

    Regardless of whether merfolk and other fantastic tales of the sea are real or fake doesn’t matter, I’ll always enjoy them.


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