Collapse: Peak Oil and the End of Industrialized Civilization (VIDEO)

Propaganda perpetuated by former and current US Presidents have claimed that clean energy will replace oil and set the economy straight however behind closed doors, the march toward further acquisition of oil reserves in foreign nations have been the back bone of recent wars involving the US and Middle Eastern nations.

As peak oil looms in the background, the global Elite use the might of the US military to force regime changes in strategic areas of the world that benefit their interests and devastate the people of sovereign nations.

Before the oil runs out, the global Elite plan on squeezing every last bit of money from the populations of the globe. In order to do so, they must control the reserves. They accomplish this by warring with countries, devastating economies and imposing sanctions of independence through international mandates from the UN.

Keeping the general population dependent on oil is not just about paying for gas at the pump. Nearly all products are derived from oil in some form. The downward spiral of oil reserves and desperate use of the resource could mean the end of industrialized civilization.



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