Eco-Fascists Say Test Tube Meat Will Replace Livestock to Save the Planet

Agriculture is under attack by the climate change alarmists who do not support the expansion of burgeoning countries like China and India. In response to working toward total elimination of animals raised for consumption, scientists have been tasked to work toward growing artificial meat . The ramification to our bodies is being subverted in the name of environmentalism. As we have seen with genetically modified crops, these scientific concoctions are dangerous to our overall health; not to mention the negative impact they pose to the environment.

Researchers in the laboratory are creating synthetic (or test tube meat) that may make an appearance on supermarket shelves. By taking cells from a living animal, then “growing” it in a petridish the theory is that this concoction of animal tissue can be consumed by humans.

Eco-fascists praise this test tube meat because it will provide for not killing actual animals and supports their contention that livestock is having a devastating impact on the environment. If they can simply grow the meat in a laboratory, there would be less of a carbon footprint.

S. Matthew Liao, professor of philosophy and bioethics at New York University, suggests that pharmaceuticals be used to change our natural propensity toward meat eating because of the dangers to the environment that livestock pose.

Scientists claim that production of test tube meat on a commercial level is out of reach – for the moment. Yet, researchers in the US are making leaps toward manufacturing synthetic meat and claims that a market for it already exists.

Gabor Forgacs , tissue engineer at the University of Missouri has been developing organ replacement technology. This breakthrough could be used to engineer test tube meat for human consumption.

Forgacs says the creation of fake meat is an arduous process. “What the final outcome is going to be is difficult to predict. One thought is that it’ll be something like an ingredient to a lot of staples which are based on animal protein — for example we make something which has the consistency of ground meat and that can be used for paté, meatballs. Take the analogy of flour. You don’t eat flour, it’s not very tasty but you eat a zillion products that contain flour and are very yummy. Whether or not this is going to be a major application of our product I don’t know but this is definitely something I envisage it leading to.”

With funding from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), Forgacs is seeking more investors for his corporation Modern Meadows. Forgacs touts that his fake meat could be sold to people who do not eat meat for ethical reasons. The eco-conscious is a growing and possibly lucrative market. He hopes to tap into the emerging sustainable meat industry.

The UN Food and Agricultural Organization claims 18% of global greenhouse emissions are due to cows and other livestock which are raised for human consumption. Along with animal welfare advocates, ranchers may soon see a significant level of rejection for raising livestock because of the alleged negative impact on the environment.

Forgacs agrees with the UN. “The rules of the game of meat production are not the same as they were 100 years ago. It’s not sustainable. We are destroying this planet with intensive meat production. Seventy percent of arable land today is one way or another connected to animals through grazing animals or growing food for them. We’re running out of it.”

Test tube meat, being a possible answer to the cultivation of livestock, produces 78 – 96% less CO2, according to the EU and research from the University of Oxford.

Climate Change alarmists have been demanding the securitization of the world’s food supply for quite some time.

Researchers are now decrying that global catastrophe will take place by 2050 unless there is a drastic reduction in emissions caused by food production. Their main target is animals like cows, which emit greenhouse gases through their flatulence.

Eric Davidson, director of the Woods Hole Research Center in Massachusetts is supporting the bunk science of man-made climate change. He suggests that developed countries have to cut their fertilizer use by 50%. Davidson also clamors for the populations of the world to stop eating meat. “I think there are huge challenges in convincing people in the west to reduce portion sizes or the frequency of eating meat. That is part of our culture right now.”

Forgacs says that “we’re going to produce something that is not exactly the same but it is going to be cost efficient and much less harmful to the environment.”



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