Extreme Activity Being Reported Especially Over The East Coast Of The USA

Extreme Activity Being Reported Especially Over the East Coast of the USA.

Never before in all my years writing about the paranormal have I been swamped with email and reports as I have been this concerning reports of UFO and Orb activity. Daily I am being told of new sightings over Long Island New York as well as sightings in California, Connecticut and upstate New York.

A group of 20 a formation of Orbs fly over central Long Island south east over the Island and out to the Atlantic Ocean. A man on the North Shore of Long Island witnessed a single red Orb fly over his trees during its course out to the Long Island Sound -which is the water mass between Long Island and Connecticut.

A family in Connecticut near Bridgeport watched as two large Orbs raced across the night sky heading out towards the Long Island Sound. All of these sightings took place over the past week starting on August 22nd. The descriptions of the sightings were nearly identical. The Orbs were all silent as they quickly skirted across the night sky. They were all about helicopter size with solid swirling bright light that fades to yellow then orange and lastly red. The Orbs in all cases blink out but not before the witnesses make out the distinct shape of a black object just before the Orb completely disappears. I have been given this description over and over by those seeing the strange Orbs.

The California witness watched as five Orbs crossed overhead as he walked along the beach in the southern part of the state near Los Angeles. Again no sound, moving fast and changing color the group swiftly made their way out over the Pacific Ocean.

A group of friends near the upstate town of Calicoon New York were standing on a deck of the home of one of the men enjoying the summer night about midnight when they all spotted a strange very bright star high in the night sky. The star was lower than the rest of the stars as well as clearer and brighter than the other objects in the night sky. The group of friends thought that the star looked to be in a small formation with two other lights near it and all of them seemed to be moving or dancing about. The group of friends had a few pair of binoculars and started to look at the strange stars more closely. One friend had a scope from his hunting rifle and added that to the group to get a better look at the odd lights. When they looked again at the star like lights they were stunned to find the objects were in deed moving quickly from one spot in the sky to another in a formation type movement forming squiggly type lines of light between them. The three objects moved and jumped about adding red and green lights to their outline as they danced together in some type of organized formation high above in the night sky.

Had my own little experience last night with them:UFO Catches Barracuda Off Guard

The friends thought they may be looking at space junk or a few satellites however could not figure out why they would be bouncing into each other or behaving in such an odd manner. They watched this show in the night sky for about three hours. Now very late on a Saturday night the group discussed the idea of the but chickened out due to the fear of being ridiculed or considered drunk or drugged up nuts. They simply watched and tuned in the news to see if any others had seen this strange display.

I thought this was an interesting account but did not know what to make of the report as it was not what I typically hear from those who contact me. You can imagine how surprised I was when I opened my email and listened to my calls this morning to hear many people along the Atlantic Sea coast reporting the same sighting. Apparently many people were out doors with binoculars and telescopes viewing the Blue Moon. After witnessing this odd activity they contacted me asking if anyone else had reported these strange dancing lights. Having many people outdoors using the aid of the magnification devices definitely increased the amount of sightings of the odd lights high in the night sky.

A woman from New Jersey claims she caught a strange red orb first on one side of the moon and then with a blink of the eye jumping to the other side of the moon. She claims to have video of the oddity however I have not seen it and hope she sends it somewhere for us all to view. Many felt the high dancing star like lights were some type of strange activity going on between our man- made space junk that continues to obit our planet, others felt they were looking at alien actions between unknown crafts high above in our night sky. I have no idea at all what is going on but at this point would really like to know.



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