Impossible Energy Beam Detected at Bosnia Pyramids

Energy Beam Detected at Bosnia Pyramids that should not be possible.

Did our ancient ancestors create pyramids to harness or even send energy?  A new discovery seems to be pointing in that direction:

 An international team of physicists have found the impossible according to researchers and scientists involved with the Bosnian Pyramids excavations.  At the Pyramid of the Sun site, the team detected an energy beam coming directly through the top of the structure.  Measurements of the energy beam provided the following data:

Radius of beam – 4.5 metres

Frequency of beam – 28 KHZ

Beam is continuous and strength grows as it moves up and away from pyramid (which according to laws of physics is impossible).

According to the team, this discovery is pointing to the ancient builders actually having created a perpetual motion machine that is apparently still working today.

 But the question that remains is what exactly was/is this energy being used for?  Let’s hope researchers find some answers with the ongoing investigations in Bosnia.

 Check out this link for more information and discoveries on the Bosnian Pyramids here:


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