Man arrested after telling kids there’s no Santa

Kingston –

A 24-year-old Kingston man was arrested Saturday evening during the Santa Claus parade along Princess Street after police received a complaint that someone was walking along the parade route telling children that Santa Claus didn’t exist.

A release from Kingston Police said the man was located rather easily by officers as he was described as “having his hair formed to look like horns that were protruding from his head.”

The man, whose name was withheld in the release has been charged with causing a disturbance by being drunk and breach of probation.

Additionally he is facing a Liquor License Act offense of Public Intoxication.
He was held overnight to attend a bail hearing Sunday.

Source: TheWig

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One comment on “Man arrested after telling kids there’s no Santa

  1. So you get arrested for telling the truth about Santa not existing what is going on He does not exist People” but Jesus does” You care more about Santa than Jesus our Lord and Savior. Boy o Boy what is wrong with this cruel and evil blind world?


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