Wormhole UFO Russia On Christmas Eve, Similar To 2009 Norway Spiral, And Japan, Mexico And China Wormhole Claims

russia wormhole ufoA must see declares YouTube poster TheBeginning IsNear.  Wormhole UFO appears over Russia!  December 23 / 24, 2012!

The above video is a bit reminiscent of the spiral UFO video that appeared in Norway in 2009 although there is no spiral cloud as well as a sighting in China in 2011.

This was filmed over china, July 9th and stopped the airports for 4 hours! incredible footage. i use the term wormhole because most people searching this phenomena tend to use that (wormhole) as a search term.

Between 7 and 9 o clock in the morning, december 9, 2009 this strange thing happened in the skies above Norway. Thousands of people saw this, took photos and filmed it and posted to their blogs. It appeared in the east, moving westwards.

It was described as a spiral moving light, completely silent. After about 1 minute or so, the light disappeared and seemed to dissolve, leaving a grey mist/halo expanding, then dissolving. The green/blue light trail remained for hours. People describing it as frightening/exciting and beautiful.

Norwegian defense say they don’t know what it is. Russians say they have not launched any rockets, neither have the Norwegian Andøya rocketsite.

1260348631558_532It is not Aurora borealis, and not a meteor since it remained in the skies for more than 2 minutes. Russian, Swedish and Norwegian rocket sites report they have not fired any rockets. Nobody knows what this is.

There was also a wormhole claim in Moscow in 2009 as well as similar sightings in Mexico and Japan.





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