Mercedes Commercial Depicting The Coming Of The AntiChrist


This commercial depicts the coming of the Antichrist with their new car. “Something powerful is coming” they say. You hear the wind blowing hard, a doberman pincher barking at something unseen as the doors of a diner blows open while in the background The Rolling Stones “Sympathy for the Devil” is playing “please allow me to introduce myself, I am a man of wealth and taste. Ive been around for a long long year. Stole a many of a man’s soul and faith…” meanwhile the temperature on the thermometer is skyrocketing and a persons coffee is starting to boil. See how the media, movie industries and society tries to make the Devil someone not to be feared but more so welcomed to a certain extent. We see this even with video games where you can play as the Antichrist called “Lucius” which I have shown in a previous article. Seems as though the world is prepping the people for an Antichrist which is like a celebrity or rockstar. Don’t be deceived.


5 comments on “Mercedes Commercial Depicting The Coming Of The AntiChrist

  1. When my husband saw this commercial yesterday for the first time, he said, “well, that was creepy!” In some of them, they say “something powerful” in others versions “something mysterious”. It’s a teaser for the SuperBowl ads. I bet we will be able to spot more of the same in most of the commercials and as always, the halftime show.


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