Schools Hand Out Abortion Pills Without Parental Consent

Birth Control Pill Container

An eight-year-old autistic student in Texas was recently denied treatment for an allergy attack because he did not have all the necessary paperwork filled out. The school district stood by the decision, saying staff members were simply following procedure.

Even though the student, who reportedly does not speak due to his autism, was in and out of hospitals for at least a week following the asthma attack, I understand the need for regulation of drugs in schools. Whether administrators went overboard in enforcing that regulation in this incident is undoubtedly debatable, but there are plenty of stories showing similar blanket prohibition of all drugs – including sunscreen – on school property.

No matter one’s personal opinion of the policy, schools seemed to support banning drugs universally. At the very least, administrators deserve credit for consistency, right?

Not so fast! There is one drug New York schools want to give students as young as 14 – even without parental consent. The drug is known as the morning-after pill, which aborts pregnancies the day after unprotected sex.

This pill’s intended purpose is to end a developing human life with the potential to harm or kill the individual taking it. Teenage pregnancy is a real concern and deserves real solutions. If there’s ever been an issue government-controlled school administrators should not be able to control unilaterally, it’s who should live and who should die.

For those keeping score, a suffering child’s asthma medication, aspirin, and sunscreen are all potential liabilities. Administrators can, however, hand out death-inducing drugs that will take away a parent’s grandchild without so much as a phone call.

I’d say schools can now distribute abortion pills like candy but, with Michelle Obama proudly touting her socialist ideas for school lunch regulation, I’m sure the candy would receive much more scrutiny.



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