Sackcloth&AshesAntichrist A COVENANTof PEOPLES Daniel 9:27


This is an amazing video by Sackcloth&Ashes! I have for quite some time believed Obama is the son of perdition.  This video just validates it for me even more. Even if he is not he is antichrist. There is just to many coincidences. Son of perdition stuff aside, this is really big news with Obama going to Israel called “Unbreakable Alliance” which is in Hebrew is “A covenant of peoples”! Is this the peace covenant that the Antichrist signs with Israel? They are having this peace rally at Rabin square, the same place Israeli prime minister Rabin was assassinated.  He is also receiving Israels presidential medal of distinction which the honor recognizes:

unique and significant contributions to strengthening the state Israel and security of it’s citizens.

Hmm, what exactly has he done for this? I am not sure. They are also considering giving a large portion of the West Bank to the Palestinians. Please take the time to watch this video it is great and could be a preview of some very prophetic things that are coming. Signs of the end times for sure. God bless.

Uploaded by: KijaniAmariAK

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