6 Mile High Statue Found On The Moon (Video)


The pictures of the moon in full color were interesting, but they were not the images that blew me away during the video. what really got my adrenaline going was when the images of the 6 mile high statue were presented. It was clearly humanoid in apperance, and from what I could make out, It seemed to be dressed in some sort of robe. They also did a cool size comparison chart, and compared it to the largest statues in the world, to give you a better grasp of its size.




2 comments on “6 Mile High Statue Found On The Moon (Video)

  1. Beautiful photography and music. It’s a blessing that there are people who are able to donate their time and resources to bring this to us. I’ll have to watch it again (and again) since I kept having to leave it for one thing or another. The evidence for the “six mile high statue” is intriguing. It wouldn’t surprise me if it looks like the anti-Christ when he is finally revealed. He’s going to declare himself to be god, after all. This would be more “proof”. Nothing would surprise me.


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