A Demonic Face Found on Mars!

Pictures showing what appears to be a demon’s face have been found on the surface of Mars.

Was there or is there life on Mars?  While numerous claims have been made in support of life on Mars over the years ranging from bacteria being found in meteorites to possible artificial structures being seen on the surface of Mars, there has been no real conclusive evidence found.  And now, there has been another face found on Mars.  But this face is different than the other supposed faces of Mars that have been found in earlier decades.  Instead of showing a human face, this new face appears to be showing a demon.

The pictures above and the zoomed ones below are from ESA’S Mars Express mission.  The area the strange face appears in is called Melas Chasma which is located at the bottom of Valles Marineris.  It is one of the deepest places on the planet with the bottom of the Chasma being more than 9 kilometers lower than the upper terrain.  It is on one of the walls of the huge cliff surrounding the Chasma that what appears to be a demon’s face is revealed.  There are also other anomalies in the area that could be other faces or carvings/structures and they are pointed out in the photo below.

Here is a zoomed in version of the photo of the demon’s face.

And an even closer view:

So, what is your take on the demon’s face?  Is it just an optical illusion or could it be something that is actually carved or built into the rock structure?  Did Mars really have humans or another life form living and carving these weird structures on Mars?  Imagine the possibilities if that question would turn out to be true ……



One comment on “A Demonic Face Found on Mars!

  1. Well, after watching the video of the moon footage, and believing that the planets and stars are habitations of angels (even fallen ones I guess) it doesn’t surprise me to see these things. It is very interesting that they are coming to light now of all times. Makes one wonder what else will come out into the open in the coming days and weeks. Keep up the great finds. You always have the most interesting stuff on here and I often spread the word when you do with a re-blog. You are in my blogroll as well. God bless and keep up the great work!


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