Death toll from swine flu in Georgia reaches 22


Three more people died in Georgia from the H1N1 virus, commonly known as ‘swine flu’, bringing the overall number of fatalities to 22, the Georgian National Disease Control and Public Health Center reported.

Since the start of the flu season, the overall number of laboratory-confirmed cases of the H1N1 infection has reached 284, it said.

Among those who died from the virus, 16 were aged between 30 and 64. The virus also killed three children and teenagers and three people older than 65.

Most of the fatalities were due to the fact that the patients asked for medical help too late, the center said.

Specialists expect that the spread of H1N1 should decline by the end of March, and only individual cases of it should be recorded in April.

The center again advised the people to avoid crowded places and visit a doctor immediately once they feel unwell.



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