Over 30 Dogs Missing in Idaho Town, One Found Ritualistically Murdered


The search for dozens of missing dogs in Idaho takes a turn for the worse as one dog is found murdered in a ritualistic manner.

While there are many things to signify that our species is headed in the right direction and there are plenty of things to give us hope, there is still an unfortunately large number of people who are trapped in a very sadistic and destructive mindset.

Last year there was a string of disturbing cases of cannibalism, and now it seems that this year ritualistic murder and animal sacrifices are becoming common in the media.

Recently in Idaho dogs have been mysteriously vanishing, and one even turned up murdered in a ritualistic style killing.

“The dogs seem to vanish into thin air,” said Debbie Blackwood, director of the animal shelter in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Reuters reported that:

“Officials say some 30 dogs have gone missing in recent months in Twin Falls and nearby communities in an agricultural region in south-central Idaho known as the Magic Valley. A man and his young daughter hiking along the north rim of the Snake River Canyon northeast of Twin Falls earlier this month discovered the remains of a German shepherd that had apparently been stoned to death, Blackwood said.

The dog, found in an area known as the Devil’s Corral in neighboring Jerome County, appeared to have suffered a “ritualistic execution” in which its head was crushed with rock and its carcass covered with a purple cloth, she said.  The case has prompted the Humane Society of the United States to offer a $5,000 reward for information leading to a conviction in the dog’s death.”

The dogs have reportedly been lured into vans and never seen again.

“They saw them loading them in their vehicle,” Blackwood told KPVI-TV. “They let their little dog out, next thing she knows a red van pulls up and she has to race out and retrieve it, an older person in the dark.”

“Animals go missing every day. What’s disturbing about this trend is that there is absolutely no trace of them,” said Lisa Kauffman, Idaho director of the Humane Society of the United States.

John Goodwin, head of animal cruelty policy for the Humane Society, said it was unlikely dogs were stolen by people engaged in dog fighting, because it was rare for those involved in the activity to use just any dog.

Just two weeks ago we covered a story where a 27 year old rapper was arrested for attempting to sacrifice a friend, so he could achieve super stardom.  There are a lot of people out there who are twisted from a life of indoctrination, and as the people in power continue to behave like monsters, there will be a small but loud portion of society who will emulate these monsters in attempts to achieve power or control in their own lives and neighborhoods.



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