UK Soldier Beheaded Another False Flag??


The victim of Wednesday’s attack in Woolwich was apparently a soldier based at a nearby barracks, London police say, and the UK government is treating it as a suspected terrorist attack. Witnesses said it appeared as if the suspects “were trying to take organs” from the victim, and “they were hacking at the poor guy.” They dragged him from the pavement and dumped his body in the middle of the road and left his body there.” Sources said the suspects yelled “Allahu Akbar,” and police sources told the BBC that it’s a “fair assumption” that this is a terrorist attack. One suspect said,

“I apologize that women had to witness that, but in our lands our women have to see the same thing,” “You people will never be safe. Remove your government, they don’t care about you.”

The two men were later shot by police who arrived on the scene. The two men are being treated for their injuries. Officials are still investigating the incident, but many are speculating that it is an Islamic terrorist attack.

BBC News says: MI5 asked Woolwich murder suspect Michael Adebolajo if he wanted to work for them about six months before the killing, a childhood friend has said. Abu Nusaybah told BBC Newsnight his friend – one of two men arrested after Drummer Lee Rigby’s murder in south-east London on Wednesday – had rejected the approach from the security service. Abu Nusaybah was arrested at the BBC after giving the interview.

  • One of the problems I noticed off the bat was that some reported that the weapon used was a meat cleaver and others reported that it was a machete??
  • No blood surrounding the man despite reports that the two men ‘hacked away at him like a piece of meat’??
  • I think it’s safe to say that hacking a person to death and beheading him would have the attackers covered in blood, yet the suspect giving the interview had blood just on his hands.
  • After hacking the man to death the two suspects start to interact with the public, talking to big crowds and giving interviews.
  •   Two men kill a man and then give interviews, they ( “terrorists” ) do not harm anyone else, pictures and video having conversation with bystanders – and mainstream media has it as global news of a terrorist attack on the streets of London??
  • The victim was reportedly beheaded and hacked to death but the bystanders ask the suspects if they can comfort the man as he passed away??
  • When in the world does the public come to a maniac that is hacking people to death and ask for an interview??
  • The crowd of bystanders are concerned with interviews and pictures but not helping the victim at all??
  • Witnesses run to a nursery for help when there is the Woolwich Military Barracks a hop and skip away??
  • It took police 20 minutes to arrive to the scene and oddly enough the attackers are still there and they shoot the attackers…Plumstead Police is just 1 mile away and Lewisham Police is just less than 3 miles away?? Very strange!


Seems like another false flag hoax. Fema crisis actors at it again? Is anything real in this world anymore? Give me your thoughts below whether you think it sounds like another hoax or not. 


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