Arabs Tell Jews In Legislative Session “We Will Be Here After You”

A MUST WATCH video during which Jamal Zahalka, an Arab-Israeli Knesset member (Balad) stands up during a legislative session and informs his fellow minister, a Jewish-Israeli in the room, that “we were here before you, and we will be here after you too!”

Zahalka was “replying” to a statement made by Moti Yogev, (Bet Yehudi) anothernetanyahu replies to arab knesset member who says arabs will be around after jews Knesset member who was speaking in favor of a new law that is currently being considered by the Israeli legislative body.

The new law would dictate that a popular vote must be taken before Israel agrees to any future “land swaps” or “land returns” with the Palestinians. If the popular vote does not favor the notion, the hands of lawmakers would be tied.

Zahalka initially stated that such a law should not even be considered since Israel is discussing “conquered and sieged land” which by international law does not even belong to Israel. Zahalka suggested that as long as international law was being considered, perhaps the return of the so-called settlements should be voted on by various countries, and not the Israeli people.

Yogev replied to Zahalka: “The land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel and you are the stranger here.”

Zahalka responded with: “We were here before you, and we will be here after you too!”

This statement led to a heated exchange of words between Zahalka and Yuval Steinitz, (Likud Beitenu) another Knesset member. Zahalka’s statement caused a general uproar in the legislative body while in session.

Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu interrupted the session to reply to this statement.

Watch what he says! (Subtitles included.)

Netanyau began by saying he had no intention of speaking at the legislative meeting, however, he said, responding directly to Zahalka: “You said you were here before us, and that you would be here after us too. The first part – is wrong. The second part – will not happen.”


After Netanyahu’s strong reply, MK Zahalka requested to “clarify” his statement, and said that he was not referring to Steinitz as a “Jew” but rather as “a racist.” Zahalka also stated that he believes that peace can be achieved if Jews and Arabs stand together as one people, “without racists.”

MK Zahalka is known for his criticism of Israeli policy, often referring to Gaza and the West Bank as “an apartheid system.”

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