Four bottle bombs found near Oregon school


SHERWOOD, Ore. — Four improvised explosive devices, commonly known as “bottle bombs,” were found in the parking lot of a Sherwood school Wednesday, police said.

A school administrator called police after seeing the suspicious devices at about 11 a.m. near the Laurel Ridge Middle School, at 21416 SW Copper Terrace, said Capt. Ty Hanlon of the Sherwood Police Department.

“From a distance, officers could see the bottles were partially filled with a liquid and also contained aluminum foil,” he said.

The area was contained and the Metro Explosive Disposal Unit responded. They confirmed the devices were bottle bombs and detonated two of them at the scene.

The other two appeared to have already malfunctioned when the suspects attempted to use them, Hanlon said. All four devices were rendered safe by the MEDU.

“There has been an alarming trend the past few years with improvised explosives like ‘bottle bombs’ being made and left lying in areas where people could pick them up and activate the ingredients causing an explosion,” Hanlon said.  “Citizens are reminded to never touch any odd looking or suspicious plastic bottles that have any liquid in them, as they could pose serious danger.”

Anyone who sees such a device is asked to call 911 immediately.

School was not in session Wednesday, Hanlon said, but faculty members have been on the property preparing for the upcoming school year.

Police: Beware of bottle bombs in parks



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