Bizarre Chinese Video: Cars ‘Levitate’ On Both Sides of Road!


Via  All News PipeLine

A little something on the lighter side of the news we see day in and day out….. and because I do like writing about the weird and unusual things seen across the world.

In a video that has been watched over 294,400 times since it was published on November 27, 2015 by Black Windows, with the only details provided being “Location: China,” we see multiple news outlets reporting differing opinions and speculation as to what could have caused three cars, two in one lane and one on the opposite side of the road going the other direction to apparently “levitate,” as The Daily Mail headlines in what RT reports as a possible “optical illusion.”

While The Daily Mail uses the word “levitate” after watching the clips below, multiple times, the best description I can come up with is it appears the front ends of the two minivans on the viewers left apparently lift up into the air, followed by the back end of the car on the right going the other direction, being lifted up into the air.

Via the RT link:

Viewers have been left confused by a video from China showing a car crash where two minibuses are left standing on just two wheels in what appears to be a synchronized special effects stunt – except it’s for real.

Speculation from viewers range from a downed line to a piece of steel cable, but no official explanation has been reported.  What do you think?

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