Prophetic Pillars on St. John the Divine Cathedral?

St. John the Divine Cathedral article on the building’s occult symbolism and its role in the United Nations’ efforts to push a single world religion. Probably the most shocking part of that article was the pictures of the columns, conceived in 1997,  depicting the destruction of New York city (including the Twin Towers). The Church was named after St. John the Divine, the author of the Book of Revelation.

The original article showed only two of these columns (the others were not visible at the time the pictures were taken). Since then however, the other pillars are visible and their symbolism is as esoteric and mysterious as those originally posted. Here they are (in no particular order).

Little to no documentation exists about the meaning of the pillars and the rest of the Cathedral contains a lot of art with strange symbolism alluding to catastrophe and a new era. Strange place. In the second picture you can see huge tidal waves coming into the city of New York and the twin towers. Symbols of destruction.


Senator Cruz: “Obama High On Power, Drunk the Kool-Aid”

Obama_Beer1_-_Beer_ConspiracySenator Ted Cruz appeared on Laura Ingraham’s radio program this week and said that Obama is “high on his own power” and that “this is a president who has drunk the Kool-Aid.”

Cruz spoke concerning the executive orders signed by Obama regarding mandates for gun control in America. Cruz said: “He is feeling right now high on his own power, and he is pushing on every front, on guns. And I think it’s really sad to see the president of the United States exploiting the murder of children and using it to push his own extreme, anti-gun agenda. I think what the president is proposing and the gun control proposals that are coming from Democrats in the Senate are, number one, unconstitutional, and number two, they don’t work. They’re bad policy.”

Since Obama signed 23 executive orders altering the rights of registered gun owners across the US, new ideas on victimizing law-abiding gun owners have surfaced with Willie Cochran, a Chicago Alderman, requesting that his city council propose all guns be equipped with a GPS tracking device. Cochran said: “Just like if your car gets stolen, OnStar can tell you where your car is. If your gun gets stolen, and you report it, we should be able to find that gun.”


Stephanie Cutter, former deputy campaign manager for Obama For America, explained that Obama’s “network across this country, grassroots individuals, who organize, volunteered with their time to get the president reelected are much more powerful than the NRA lobby.”

Cutter stated vehemently that “[the] network [will be] activated, very soon. And for good reason. We need to pass commonsense legislation to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and those who shouldn’t be carrying guns. That’s the commonsense nature of this.”

Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, said in a recent statement that she is “proud to support” Obama’s gun grab.

Napolitano went on to say: “DHS together with the Department of Justice (DOJ), and the FBI have worked to identify measures that could be taken to reduce the risk of mass casualty shootings. In the coming days, DHS will expand and formalize coordination of ongoing efforts intended to prevent future mass casualty shootings, improve preparedness, and to strengthen security and resilience in schools and other potential targets. DHS will work with partners at all levels of government, to address five critical areas intended to reduce the risk of mass casualty shootings in the United States: Prevention, Protection, Response, Education, and Research/Evaluation. DHS will also work with law enforcement to refresh, expand and prioritize the implementation of nationwide public awareness efforts such as the ‘If You See Something, Say Something™’ campaign. This is a critical issue that requires immediate attention and I look forward to supporting the President and this Administration as we move ahead.”

In March, the UN will reconvene in New York to negotiate the finalization of the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). Countries like Australia, Japan, and the UK have joined with other nations to draft “a strong, balanced and effective treaty, which would set the highest possible common global standards for the international transfer of conventional arms.”

The draft treaty under consideration would announced that the Obama administration is working with the United Nations (UN) to approve, through the US Congress; the ATT. Clinton affirmed that the US would facilitate talks with the UN at the last the Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty, as long as it “operates under the rules of consensus decision-making. Consensus is needed to ensure the widest possible support for the Treaty and to avoid loopholes in the Treaty that can be exploited by those wishing to export arms irresponsibly.”


Obama is supporting the ATT and recognized “that disarmament, arms control and non-proliferation is essential”, meaning citizens could no longer own firearms if there were to be peace in the world.

However, the UN sees the armory of governments as an “effective national control”. To ensure the UN is able to take gun rights away from every citizen in ever country they have devised this treaty to influence “national legislation, regulations and procures on the transfer of arms, military equipment and dual-use goods and technology” for the maintenance of international peace and security.

In the end, the UN will govern the right of arms control, legal matters concerning arms control and the methods and means by which arms are allocated to individual nations.

Within the ATT, there is not one mention of the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans or even how the ATT may affect those rights. In fact, the provisions of the ATT are in contrary to existing laws and if signed, would simply supersede laws in existence to conform to the international mandates proposed in the ATT. The ultimate goal of disarming Americans in clearly noted in its silence and ambiguous tone toward the sovereignty of nations that allow by Constitutional right that their citizens bear protective arms.

In the report “Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds”, the necessity of “fusion” wherein the US and China meld into a collaborative global unity is viewed as the solution to the coming problems. Without this scenario, it is envisioned that “interstate conflict[s] increase” and “the US draws inward” which will halt all growth toward globalization.

Failing to fuse together will also result in a world where “inequalities explode as some countries become big winners and others fail. … Without completely disengaging, the US is no longer the ‘global policeman.’”


NIC Report: Only Globalization Will Save the Future NWO

capture-20130108-094930In a new report entitled “Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds”, the National Intelligence Council (NIC) says that due to global economic changes, shifting in investments and the sudden rise of other nations to buck the US as the world’s superpower, the balance of “megatrends” in sovereign countries is transforming the world. Intelligence agencies in the US consulted with private corporations, academia, think-tanks, those of political influence and leaders in 14 countries; as well as the European Union.
Global dominance is leaving American shores for other world leaders to come and claim their possible rise to power.

Christopher Kojm, chairman of the NIC states: “We are at a critical juncture in human history, which could lead to widely contrasting futures.”

As the global economy redefines power throughout the world, vulnerabilities have cropped up which have inflated the fears of individual economies and stunted growth. Kojm refers to this symptom as “malleable” and encourages “decision-makers, whether in government or outside, to think and plan for the long term so that negative futures do not occur and positive ones have a better chance of unfolding.”

Matthew Burrows, lead author of the study for the NIC explains that 7 main issues are driving change and accelerating the “tectonic shifts” that are happening across the globe:

• Growth of the middle class
• Access to new technology
• Shifting economic power
• Aging populations
• Urbanization
• Demand for basic resources – food and water
• Energy dependence

The reverberation of the implosion of the euro, potential pandemics, the Chinese economy failures, nuclear war and the ever-present cyber-attack loom in the not-so-distant future and increasingly influence the course of national history for all nations.

The biggest debate implied in the report that if this continued course “will result in a global economic breakdown or whether the development of multiple growth centers will lead to resiliency.”

Constrains of a bourgeoning population continuing to rise is predicted to cause more strain all-around by 2030. The middle class, being a consumer-machine is viewed as unsustainable and a threat to life as we know it. Urbanization is the most logical “quick-fix” to this immediate problem; however there is also the issue of man-made climate change as well as resource allocation which is expected to be in short supply due to the effects of one another.

Resource management is a new concept beyond conservation ideals of the past. It is the mindset being spurred into the social meme to decrease the psychological pressure of the reality we face as access to food, water and energy is incrementally being taken from the general population.

Burrows states: “You have a huge problem on the resource side. How do you manage all this prosperity that is putting a lot of strain on the resources? You have to have collaboration on the technology, you have to have a big energy or water project the world is really geared up for, because otherwise it turns into a bad scenario.”

Governments are expected to coerce the public and private sector corporations into submitting to new constraints on resources as power moves into the hands of global governors and global action is used to maintain order and balance. Predictive models as well as data profiling will assist governmental bodies in tipping the scales and gaining “control over society.”

By making the changes appear to be tipping the scales “more in favor of the individual than the state” the general public is ever-fooled into following their government without question – even as those promises of more freedom are dwindled away to nothing and an all-encompassing control grid is unveiled.

The governing role of the United Nations (UN) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) are expected to quell any “ambivalent” or “resentful” feelings that may develop between China and the US as leadership shifts occur. The expectation of a “cyber arms race” is coming into focus as cyber and bio-terror weapons become readily accessible, and national digital infrastructure begins to define how a nation will and is able to defend itself in this new electronic warfare age.

In the report, the necessity of “fusion” wherein the US and China meld into a collaborative global unity is viewed as the solution to the coming problems. Without this scenario, it is envisioned that “interstate conflict[s] increase” and “the US draws inward” which will halt all growth toward globalization.

Failing to fuse together will also result in a world where “inequalities explode as some countries become big winners and others fail. … Without completely disengaging, the US is no longer the ‘global policeman.’”

Communication dominated by social media and electronic signals is a drastic move from the physical realm, yet is projected to take over the world, leaving the stronger nations to battle out who will define the path way into the next century.

Megacities are the next phase of societal living as 2/3rds of the world’s population move into urbanized centers, connected through technological advances and protected by digitally controlled healthcare. In this respect, the current “death” of the middle class is simply viewed as a transformation with the rise of the global middle class wherein the better educated, technologically savvy and physically healthy are coalesced into a one-for-all mindset and the individual is fallen to the wayside for the achievements of humanity as a whole.


Coup Attempt Threat Within Gov To “Alter” America’s Form Of Gov Through “Decapitation”

america-clov460“Behind the plotters are drug cartels that have penetrated the US government, former lobbyists who were moved into government during the Bush administration and now are suspected of being involved in a coup attempt.”

Seventy hours ago, at this writing, while on Air Force One, President Barack Obama issued a press release that has been utterly ignored by the Western Press.

The president has openly announced a move against violent plotters inside the US government and espionage agents. He does not use the terms “AIPAC” or “the Israel lobby” but it is highly unlikely he could be referring to anything else.

In fact, we can think of no other group.

I was privately briefed on some of the reasons behind this document. On what is known, not “surmised,” I will explain:

There is, currently, within the US military, the Executive branch of government and among extremist “power brokers” in America an active plot to “alter” America’s form of government through “decapitation.”

Let me be clear. Where the memo, printed in full below, refers to “violent”, it means “assassination” of many top leaders in America including but not limited to the President, Vice President, Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense and others.

The plot makes use of the resources of major private defense contractors and their intelligence and special operations personnel. There has been active recruiting that has been noted and is why the memo was released and why many members of the military have been subjected to investigation.

The Benghazi attack was planned and financed by this group.

Many writers in the alternative media have noted much of what is going on but not all. Some have shown access to very knowledgeable sources.

Behind the plotters are drug cartels that have penetrated the US government, former lobbyists who were moved into government during the Bush (43) administration and now are suspected of being involved in a coup attempt.

There is no direct evidence tying any foreign government to this plot though most are “fanatically” aligned with the militant Likudists in Israel under Netanyahu’s regime.

The President’s text below, unedited:

The White House Office of the Press Secretary For Immediate Release

November 21, 2012

Presidential Memorandum — National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs

Memorandum for the heads of executive departments and agencies

Subject: National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs

This Presidential Memorandum transmits the National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards for Executive Branch Insider Threat Programs (Minimum Standards) to provide direction and guidance to promote the development of effective insider threat programs within departments and agencies to deter, detect, and mitigate actions by employees who may represent a threat to national security. These threats encompass potential espionage, violent acts against the Government or the Nation, and unauthorized disclosure of classified information, including the vast amounts of classified data available on interconnected United States Government computer networks and systems.

The Minimum Standards provide departments and agencies with the minimum elements necessary to establish effective insider threat programs. These elements include the capability to gather, integrate, and centrally analyze and respond to key threat-related information; monitor employee use of classified networks; provide the workforce with insider threat awareness training; and protect the civil liberties and privacy of all personnel.

The resulting insider threat capabilities will strengthen the protection of classified information across the executive branch and reinforce our defenses against both adversaries and insiders who misuse their access and endanger our national security.

Barack Obama

A very real threat to world stability

To some, at a glance, this might actually sound like a response to leaks within the CIA and White House except for some extraordinary language. Please make very special note of the following:

“…to deter, detect and mitigate actions by employees who may present a threat to national security…These threats include…violent acts against the Government and the Nation…”

Please note that they refer to “violent acts” and speak of both the “government” and “nation.”

By “government,” they are indicting, with no “wiggle room,” assassination plots.

By “nation,” they may well be referring to false flag terrorism that may well include use of weapons of mass destruction. Britain was subject to such a threat during the London Olympics, one that would never have been successfully overcome without the help of journalists who put themselves at great risk.


The US government has had a twelve-year moratorium against arrest and prosecution of spies within our government and military other than those who can be tied to China.

The most famous Chinese “spy” was Wen Lee Ho, a nuclear scientist at Los Alamos Labs. He was arrested in 1999, held in solitary confinement for a year and then released.

In order to get an accurate picture I phoned two friends, one a senior FBI counter-intelligence operative and the other a very senior US Army intelligence officer.

The question I put before them, while eating breakfast, was:

“Please list the nations that represent the greatest threat of espionage against the United States and, which nations, in order, are believed to represent the “penetration threat” that President Obama is referring to.”

From the FBI, their appraisal not intended for the “pop culture” media:

“Our greatest direct threat is Israel and the Israel lobby. They have systematically penetrated every aspect of government and the military and, if they cannot get documents from those branches, friends in congress will give them access to anything that branch has available. After that is India, with every research facility at risk from RAW (Indian Intelligence) penetration and then Cuba, Mexico and Turkey.

The primary end users of this intelligence, the “clients,” are Russia and China.”

From the US Army:

“I agree with Israel and the rest but we have not had Turkey on our radar. The obvious end users are, of course, Russia and China based on capability.

The issue I have is how a presidential press release, an extraordinary and almost “draconian” document has gone without an uproar from congress and wide press coverage. Who has the power to suppress reporting on something like this, though, I know that you will say it is Israel, I would want proof.

Though there has been no official notification of this, I am of the impression that we now consider any mention of Israeli spying to be highly classified. Only Russia and China are officially listed, entirely out of concern not to offend lobbyists whose feelings outweigh real issues of national security.”

Then I turn on my television, hour after hour of TV shows about espionage and terrorism. Both American and British TV are the same.

All spies are from Iran and Pakistan; nations that our actual intelligence agencies indicate represent no espionage threat to speak of.

In fact, in my two Saturday morning phone interviews, which can, of course, be confirmed by Homeland Security who has tapped my phones, I have reflected with great accuracy. Thus, we ask you to read what President Obama really did not say “between the lines,” the message is quite clear.

We do not see a roundup of AIPAC spies, not like in the early days of the Bush administration although Attorney General John Ashcroft quashed that investigation.

What we are seeing is a hunt for traitors within the American government and military, some of which is working its way onto the news.

The question of the moment, however, is this:

How can a President of the United States announce that the government is infiltrated with terrorists and spies and no newspaper, television network or other form of media notices?

WWIII Within Days? Food-For-Guns Program Next, Says Informant

War drums beat in the Middle East and, now, the drums suddenly beat strongly between two Asian mights. That, on top of a global financial system on the brink of entering the slide to hyperinflation has many thoughtful analysts suggesting that the so-called ‘Illuminati’ are perpetrating the blatant insults and non-stop diplomatic faux pas directed at the Muslim world in an effort to instigate, what is likely to escalate into, WWIII.

As global leaders and their populous watch the plan by Western powers in the Middle East unfold, an effort to shape a narrative of an enemy initiating an attack as the explanation for the inevitable Armageddon economic fallout of a reckless dollar-based banking system gone afoul, along with a collapsing petrodollar system, is underway.

A collapsing dollar translates to unaffordable U.S. oil imports, ergo, a total collapse of the U.S. economy, ergo, massive civil unrest among heavily-armed citizens in the streets of America.

The telltale signs of impending war is on, and the White House wants American guns—the most difficult of all missions of the ‘globalist’.

As former Governor of Minnesota and ex-Navy Seal Jesse Ventura said in a CNN interview on Sept. 17, “All wars start with a false-flag attack.”

Picking up where Ventura left off, in the opening remarks of his Sept. 19 show, TruNews’ Rick Wiles delineates the recent series of events that lend much credence to Ventura’s professional military opinion of today’s geopolitical news. After all, Navy Seals, at times, are trained for, and become involved with, vital components of a false-flag attack mission.

Rick Wiles gives his global audience a rundown of recent events and paints a picture of impending war, too obvious to miss.

Mobs in China were reported carrying signs demanding the U.S. to pay back $1 trillion owed to the Chinese for decades of trade surpluses; Ambassador Gary Locke’s car was attacked by a mob of Chinese on Monday; protesters chanting ‘The Japanese are dogs’ in the streets of China; and a French newspaper published on Tuesday a highly controversial and insulting cartoon depicting the Muslim prophet Mohammad with a star affixed to his buttocks, with the caption, “A star is born.”

“Personally, I suspect the publication of the cartoons in a French magazine is part of a deliberate strategy by the Illuminati to spark the opening shots of WWIII,” says Wiles. “Nobody in his right mind would pour gasoline on a fire at this time.”

He adds, “Furthermore, I suspect the publication of the cartoons has given France a legitimate cover to evacuate their ambassadors and embassy personnel before the war starts, very soon.”

As a conservative Christian and daily radio host, Wiles, on the surface, appears as an unlikely source of critical information. But those steeped in the history of the Christian faith know that religious beliefs always trump the propaganda and inculcation efforts by the State. Therefore, it’s no surprise that other devout Christians who have attained high levels of security clearances and positions of authority leak information to Wiles, privately, off-air.As a self-described and arguably the most vocal ‘Watchman’ of the Christian faith, there’s little doubt that, while Wiles is watching the FBI, CIA and DHS, they are, indeed, watching him. Wiles has reported unexplainable technical problems at his studio following several whistle-blower guests.

As a self-described and arguably the most vocal ‘Watchman’ of the Christian faith, there’s little doubt that, while Wiles is watching the FBI, CIA and DHS, they are, indeed, watching him.  Wiles has reported unexplainable technical problems at his studio following several whistle-blower guests.

“This is out of control, now.  I .. . I have . . . I have been given . . . let me put it like this,” as Wiles carefully formulates his dialogue of fresh information told to him from his informants, “tidbits of important information have come my way in recent weeks from various sources that clearly <pause> it was divinely ordained by God that people that I know would [over]hear a conversation, be told to someone by somebody in a high-level position to know.  It’s been a number of things.”

Wiles continues to reveal other startling information told to him by another of his legion of informants.

“I’ll give you an example, we had Nathan Leal here a week or two ago,” says Wiles.  “Nathan was told by a person . . . I can’t give out the person’s position, but, he was at a party, in which, a person at that party . . . it was a birthday party for a family member . . . and that person was a retired U.S. government intelligence agency employee, who confided in Nathan’s friend that there will be a food shortage, and food will be offered in return for the surrender of firearms.

“There will be a food for guns exchange program.  And this person said, this is not a rumor, it’s not a conspiracy; I’ve seen the working documents for this plan.

“There’s been a steady flow [of information of this type].”

And yet another source, this one, unwitting.

“I’ll give our listeners another one, without giving out the source,” Wiles continues.  “I just so happened to be talking to someone who visited our office, somebody who lives here in Vero Beach, not Vero Beach, let’s say the Treasure Coast of Florida, who, not knowing what I do, what I say, what this program is about . . . but as the conversation changed, this person confided to me that her brother formally worked at the White House under a former administration at a very high level, and that he was telling her privately that many people in that former administration are concerned that Mr. Obama will not leave the White House, and that her brother is making private plans for his own protection and safety around the election.”

I’m getting information “almost daily” now; “we’re getting a picture that something ominous is underway, right now.”

Though the claim of calculated misinformation campaigns to dupe the American public seems more than a reasonable explanation for the large number of ‘leaks’ from informants at DHS, NSA, CIA, Pentagon and other arms of U.S. intelligence, an equally and more compelling explanation for the sudden increase in Wiles’ cadre of informants comes from the guest of the Sept. 19 broadcast, Aaron Brickman, a private investor and market cycles analyst.

“I suspect it will continue, continue exponentially as the days become more ominous and events pick up,” says Brickman.  “When they [White House and U.S. departments] are working behind the scenes year after year, they can keep a certain amount of secrecy [within] limited people in the loop, but as you get closer to the event, more people have to be brought in, and you get leaks like this.

Rothschild’s Globalization Efforts And Progress: New World Order.

The final months of the Jubilee year witnessed three pivotal encounters between the Church and an emerging system of global governance. The Millennium Peace Summit, sponsored by the United Nations (UN) and bankrolled by Ted Turner, honorary chair, gathered world religious leaders in New York August 28-31. Immediately following that controversial assembly, Mikhail Gorbachev convened his State of the World Forum to craft “a new paradigm for civilization on the threshold of the millennium.” The forum spent six days proposing the shape of globalism and demanded an expanded role for the UN in the 21st century to carry out the new paradigm. As the forum reached its climax, the UN Millennium Summit opened with a historical, largest-ever gathering of heads of state.


An underlying thread for all three events was a reconfigured worldview for mankind at the frontier of the third millennium. Gone is the Judeo-Christian understanding of man. In its place is a generically spiritualized “sovereign individual” whose human rights are determined by the demands of the global economy and ecology, guaranteed by the UN, and enforced by global “peacekeepers.” Within days of the closing of the Millennium Summit, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger, prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, sharply denounced “New World Order” (Nuovo Ordine Mondiale) philosophies undergirding the Millennium Summit.

In the September 15 issue of the Italian newspaperAvvenire, the cardinal’s remarks addressed the “peculiarity of this new anthropology” most visible in UN characterizations of women, ideologies of empowerment, gender equity, and the family. The strategy, he noted, is to effect practical means to “reduce the number of guests at the table of humanity” to defend a “philosophy of selfishness.” Cardinal Ratzinger observed, “At this stage of the development of the new image of the new world, Christians . . . have the obligation to protest.”


One World Religion

The world’s religious leaders attending the Peace Summit had hopes of inaugurating an International Advisory Council of Religious and Spiritual Leaders whose mission to the UN would be to provide interfaith support for “peace, global understanding, and international cooperation.” According to Insight Magazine, Bawa Jain, secretary-general of the Peace Summit, expected that the heads of state arriving at the UN the following week would be briefed by the religious delegates on “how to usher in the peace of the New World Order through religious universalism.”

The plan fizzled under dissenting views over who should represent the different faith traditions. Worse, for universalists, the leaders — 1,000 participants — were able to step clear of the quicksand of religious universalism: Delegates refused to agree that all religions are equally true. The Insight article noted that Francis Cardinal Arinze, president of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue, “would favor a one world religion — if it were Roman Catholicism.” Neither would the representatives of Christian faiths accept the proposed ban on proselytizing. Cardinal Arinze delivered the pope’s charge to the summit: to offer the world “moral and spiritual wisdom, which illuminates and teaches the transcendent truth of the human person. It alone is the source of respect for human life, without which there is no justice, solidarity, or peace.” The timing of the release of Dominus Iesus (Unicity and Salvific Universality of Jesus Christ and the Church), written months earlier, seemed providential.

These developments must have frustrated Turner, whose keynote address featured criticism of his childhood Christianity as “intolerant.” Turner, a self-professed “world citizen,” is a deep pocket behind the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA). Unburdened by any recognition of human life as inviolable, Turner and Canadian billionaire Maurice Strong, the Peace Summit’s other financial patron, have long promoted eco-spirituality for world peace. A shadowy figure who hobnobs with other global power-brokers, Strong, an adviser to UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, would welcome a UN-regulated spirituality, guiding the planetary population toward voluntary compliance with the demands of UN conferences.

The goal of the Peace Summit was to advance the deconstruction of the western Christian worldview, with its uncomfortable moral teachings, in favor of a hybrid “spirituality,” which combines adulterated Hinduism, Buddhism, and New Age Gaia worship. New Age theosophist Alice Bailey wrote, “The New World Church will incorporate the teachings of allof the great world teachers and saviours.”

The purpose is to reduce faith to a global unity of mind and spirit, to “birth” a “cosmic consciousness” directed at the environment — a redistribution of planetary resources — and at fostering voluntary sustainable development as defined by the one-worlders. Christian dogmatism is intrinsically opposed to the concept of spiritual evolutionism, which understands man as ever-progressing — until he understands himself as God, as part of the unified consciousness of the cosmos. Once man reaches his self-ascendant pinnacle of ultimate illumination, wars will cease, peace and prosperity will reign. That process is fettered by the Christian belief in God, omnipotent and separate from all creation, and man, wounded by original sin that cannot be excised by any societal system. Because globalists view absolute unity — economic, political, and spiritual — as critical to survival of humanity, one readily understands their desire to eradicate the “divisive” Christian claim of truth, and particularly the Catholic claim to be the one true Church.

Wooing religion is a masterful, nonviolent approach toward instituting global government: Seduce the churches into promoting planetary citizenship where national borders are obliterated in the name of “environmental justice,” a new “human right.” One need only recall the distribution of environmental action kits to thousands of American churches and synagogues last year by the National Religious Partnership for the Environment (NRPE) to appreciate one of their victories. The NRPE mission? “Our goal is to integrate commitment to global sustainability and environmental justice permanently into all aspects of religious life.” Sustainable development, which includes population control as well as environmental control, is the platform of the UN’s 1992 Earth Summit, held in Rio de Janeiro — chaired by Strong.

Offsetting U.S. Power

Strong and Turner are also pillars of the State of the World Forum. Across town, while the UN awaited the arrival of world presidents and prime ministers, Gorbachev opened his State of the World Forum by demanding a new and expanded role for the UN. The forum, a six-year-old project of the Gorbachev Foundation, seeks dialogue among government leaders and “civil society” sectors capable of instituting a “new paradigm for civilization on the threshold of the millennium.” Civil society at the forum has been represented in the past by prominent Catholic dissidents such as Hans Küng and former Dominican turned New Age guru Matthew Fox.

That paradigm — the forum vision — sees the UN as the answer to the imbalance of world power following the fall of the USSR. The threat (and envy) of the United States as the sole heir of “superpower” status is countered by investing sweeping planetary powers in the UN. Nations are to cede sovereignty in exchange for collective power against U.S. hegemony. Not a few nations resent the might of the American economy and the dominance of American culture, even if there is scant anxiety over America’s use of military might.

During his press conference at the New York Hilton Towers, Gorbachev proposed a radical expansion of UN powers. Delivered in staccato tones, the Russian said: “In 1988, I spoke of a new role for the UN, a new body. In addition to the Security Council, we must have an Economic Council and an Environmental Council with authority equal to that of the Security Council.” The former premier of the USSR denied that he was proposing Marxist controls on economic freedom but insisted, “I am suggesting that we must give rights to this body [Economic Council], to develop rules to prevent explosive situations.” Gorbachev went on to explain that as “unregulated” capitalism globalized world markets, the failure of smaller economies brought recessions. An “Economic Council” with the power to regulate capital is designed to “ensure stability” and “ultimately transnational corporations will have to accept this,” Gorbachev said. Gorbachev’s proposals, a “third way” format, serve a utopian scheme and are antithetical to democracy and capitalism.

The third way, offered as an alternative to capitalism and Communism, had enjoyed a boost in June 2000 at the Progressive Governance of the 21st Century conference held in Berlin. Attending were Bill Clinton and Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder of Germany. The third way implies not just the economic theories but the political systems that accompany them. It is part of the “new world order” that proponents believe they are building. In an article in the Milan-based La Stampa, Pope John Paul was asked by journalist Jas Gawronski about a “search for a third way between capitalism and socialism.” The Holy Father replied, “I fear that this third way is another utopia. On the one hand, we have communism, a utopia that, put into practice, has proved to be a tragic failure. On the other hand, there is capitalism, which, in its practical aspect, at the level of its basic principles, would be acceptable from the point of view of the Church’s social teaching, since in various ways it is in conformity with the natural law.” The pope is not naive, however, and he continues by warning against “abuses of capitalism which should be condemned.”

The Gorbachev press conference was jammed with media. The BBC, AP, Reuters, boom mikes, and TV crews jockeyed for space. When Gorbachev concluded his remarks, pagers, laptops, and cell phones dispatched his plan to waiting editors. Yet few Americans even heard that Gorbachev and his State of the World Forum were in town to bolster the UN by calling for a vast increase in UN powers. As heads of state arrived in New York for the Millennium Summit, more than a few made their way across Manhattan to consult with the former Russian premier. Journalists, meanwhile, scanned news reports, wondering what had happened to the stories filed by more than 150 correspondents.

As the forum moved into its third day, it became clear in successive sessions that each speaker had a new angle on the same idea: The UN should coordinate global governance. Some speakers focused on environmental governance, others on educational efforts aimed at producing citizens committed to global peace and justice.

Disconcerting as the economic, “rights,” and sovereignty proposals were, still greater alarm is raised from the spiritual ambitions of the globalists at the State of the World Forum. Popular sessions on the “physics of consciousness” set the tone. A midweek session, “Cosmology, Globalization and the Evolution of Human Consciousness,” studded with New Age luminaries Deepak Chopra and Jean Houston, drew large crowds. “Religions as Major Stakeholders” featured Shaunaka Rishi, Oxford University’s director of New Vedic Studies; Sam Kobia, of the World Council of Churches; and Rajwant Singh, director of Sikh social action. The glaring omission of mainstream Christianity conveyed more than the participation of minority sects. Mornings opened with a meditation in varying forms of esoteric yoga. “Indigenous Wisdom” and “Spirituality and Conscience in the Computer Age” breakout sessions ran concurrently. Youth “leaders in training” from all points of the globe were marched off to “The Practice of Spiritual Democracy.”

Global governance seeks stable world conditions so as to ensure the rights of humanity to clean air, stable markets, and personal rights, including “gender equity” and “reproductive rights.”

Naturally, some mechanism of enforcement is required if the rights of all are to be protected, added forum participants. Mary Robinson, UN high commissioner for human rights, told a BBC broadcast that the “focus is on human security. The border of national sovereignty isn’t a cutoff. We must mainstream human rights.”

Roundtable discussions, entitled “Evolution and the Future of Global Governance,” “Globalization and Global Governance,” and “Global Commons,” were moderated by members of the European Parliament, former U.S. Senator Alan Cranston, national education ministers, and even heads of state, such as Joaquim Albert, president of Mozambique, and Helen Clark, prime minister of New Zealand.

Good globalism is a reshaped globalism, stripped of the “Washington consensus” of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, said John Sweeney, president of the AFL-CIO, a copanelist with Gorbachev and Canadian billionaire George Soros. “Corporate globalism,” he said, “brought inequality between nations.”

Soros, introduced to the 500 forum attendees as “the quintessential voice of globalism,” was blunt in his assessment of American corporations and the Republican-controlled U.S. Congress. “[They] are not a good example of ‘compassionate conservatism,’” he said. Opposed to the U.S. desire to reduce the scope of the troubled International Monetary Fund (IMF), Soros claimed, “That is not the solution.”

Instead, he suggested, IMF loans could be made directly to individuals and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). This plan denationalizes capital, an idea that brought rousing cheers from the NGOs present. Soros’s Machiavellian suggestion floats a bid to influential NGOs: Lobby against national sovereignty, and you’ll be rewarded from IMF coffers. Most of the NGOs present were powerful pressure groups such as World Wildlife Fund and International Planned Parenthood. Such lobbies already receive millions in foundation largesse to promote population control programs.

Millennium Summit Falls Flat

The Millennium Summit was a “nonevent” by most accounts. Castro stole the show from Clinton, and traffic lay knotted over Manhattan for days. Ninety-nine heads of state, three crown princes, and 47 heads of government presented their views on the role of the UN in the 21st century and the main challenges facing the peoples of the world.

There were the expected impassioned speeches calling for a newly empowered UN. Emblematic of the globalist dream was this plea by Vaclav Havel, president of the Czech Republic:

    The United Nations should transform itself from a large community of governments, diplomats, and officials into a joint institution for each inhabitant of this planet. Such an Organization would have to rest on two pillars: an assembly of equal executive representatives of individual countries, resembling the present plenary, and the organ consisting of a group elected directly by the globe’s population . . . Somewhere in the primeval foundations of the world’s religions we find, basically, the same set of underlying moral imperatives. It is in this set of thoughts that we should look for the source, the energy and the ethos for global renewal.

The smaller nations deflected, for now, assaults on the sovereignty of nation-states despite western civilization’s attempt to usher in a globalized structure for the UN in the 21st century. The Vatican has defended sovereignty recently in a message to the congress of the International Institute of Humanitarian Law, appealing to humanitarian associations to search for new ways of rendering assistance to respect the sovereignty of states.

The summit’s Millennium Declaration, worrisome in its earliest draft, was renegotiated by the member states. Msgr. Reinert of the Holy See Mission said, “We can live with it — nothing new came from it.” The Holy See Mission profited during the summit by holding discussions with heads of state on an individual basis, forging relationships for the near term. Issues of development and health, refugees and parental rights, the International Criminal Court (see October 2000 Crisis), and a global tax to fund the UN’s autonomy from the member states — these and more thorny matters will initiate the 21st century.

Angelo Cardinal Sodano spoke near the end of the summit’s magnificent display of the world’s personages of power:

    It is the fervent hope of the Holy See that at the dawn of the third millennium the UN will contribute to the building of a new civilization for the benefit of all mankind, a civilization which has been called the ‘civilization of love’ . . . In the Holy See’s outlook, the natural law, inscribed by God on the heart of every human being, is a common denominator of every person and of all peoples. It is a universal language, which everyone can come to know and on the basis of which we can understand one another…deciding policies that concern on fundamental moral and cultural values. In this area, it is not licit to try to impose certain minority modes of living in the name of a subjective understanding of progress.

The forces of globalization are constructing a homogenized, utilitarian culture of death for the 21st century. Christian anthropology is the prime impediment. They summon to their aid what theologian Michael Schooyans calls “biopolitics.” The culture of death wields crushing economic weapons as well. And yet, the cunning attempt to subvert spirituality to the service of global governance may be the most powerful weapon of all. Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger wrote of the confrontation with the New World Order, with particular reference to UN conferences: “We must resist . . . We must plan the proposals for a path to the future, proposals overcoming the new historical challenges.”

Mary Jo Anderson is a contributing editor of Crisis. She attended the United Nations Millennium Summit held in New York City in September.


Barack Obama, Prophecy & Destruction Of The US – Bob Thiel


UPDATE 09/03/12 Want to learn more? The Barack Obama Administration has already began to fulfill at least a dozen predictions from my 2009 book 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect. I have now greatly expanded my research on prophecies associated with Barack Obama and now have a new book available. It is titled Barack Obama, Prophecy, and the Destruction of the United States This is a 160 page book for people truly interested in prophecies related to Barack Obama and what will happen to the United States. – Bob Thiel.

Coming Food Crisis Play into Global Elite’s Demand for Population Stabilization

Since 2010, the UN Food and Agricultural Organization have stated that the rise in food prices is directly correlated to the 80 million people being added to the world’s population annually. This fact, according to the globalists at the UN, is beginning to “tax both the skills of farmers and the limits of the earth’s land and water resources.”
Added to this problem are the 3 million people who are “moving up the food chain” eating more than their share in gluttonous nations like the United States and China.

While New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is announcing that the city plan to ban sugary beverages larger than 16 ounces to curb the waistlines of the average New Yorker, the rest of the world is wondering where their next meal may be coming from.

The UK, the average person’s weight continues to dramatically increase with the use of high fructose corn syrup, increase consumption of processed foods and a lethargic lifestyle. Their societal issues with food and weight are mirrored in America. And if compared to other nations, the problem remains the same. While some die of starvation, others are dying from over consumption. Both the degenerative quality of the food being sold in the developed world and the lack of food in the under-developed nations are causational to the same end – population reduction.

To keep up appearances, the mainstream media will dole out ludicrous studies such as one published last month that reported men who are stressed find heavier women more attractive. Instead of facing the health problems brought on by an industry that is designed to deplete the human body of nutrition thereby causing disease and early death, the MSM would have the American public considering their burgeoning waistlines as trendy. Meanwhile, the quest to become anorexic-esque thin is still en vogue and sought after – ever leaving the average American confused about their self-image.

Perhaps a portion of the problem facing Americans and their eating habits stems from the use of chemically enhanced food such as chocolate that is prescribed as a mood-stabilizing drug. The brain manipulation by way of chemical inhibitors comes from the use of valproic acid that acts as an anti-depressant; calming moods and other related psychiatric conditions.

Pointing out the US investment in ethanol is a drain on the world’s food stores; which allocates massive amounts of food to the production of this plant-based fuel for cars.

The World Bank issued a statement of concern last month for the coming food shortage due to the drought devastating the US and Europe. According to Jim Yong Kim, World Bank group president: “Food prices rose again sharply threatening the health and well-being of millions of people. Africa and the Middle East are particularly vulnerable, but so are people in other countries where the prices of grains have gone up abruptly.”

Because of the drought, Obama offered , through the USDA, to purchase $170 million in pork, chicken, lamb and catfish to stave off some of the financial burden of American farmers. The White House announced the use of this food in food-aid programs.

Water resources are directly tied to global food supplies. As more of the planet’s water is securitized by private corporations and governments, some globalists suggest that the world’s population may have to become vegetarian in order to survive.

Malik Falkenmark and colleagues at the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) are responsible for a report that explains “there will not be enough water available on current croplands to produce food for the expected 9 billion population in 2050 if we follow current trends and changes towards diets common in western nations.”

The UN and Oxfam are warning nations that the scarcity of water will limit food production dramatically and cause another food crisis. Oxfam is predicting food prices to rise incredibly in developed nations.

The globalist answer to the problem: by adopting a global vegetarian diet, the world’s water supplies will be saved and the erratic weather evidenced by the man-made climate change myth will simply disappear. Miraculously, third world nations would have the arable land to feed their populations which would increase trade and food surplus.

In April, S. Matthew Laio, bioethics professor at New York University proposed that the masses take a pill that would cause nausea when a person ate meat. This would eventually create a lasting aversion to meat-eating.

Laio had other ideas, like using genetic engineering or hormone therapy to birth smaller babies that would be less resource-intensive throughout their lifetime. Larger people consume more food and energy over their life. Smaller people consume less. Liao believes that human engineering would liberate a family to choose from two medium sized children or three small sized children. Or they could choose one large child. The choice is theirs.

This bioethics professor also thinks very highly of China’s one child policy (that was first instituted by Mao, modeled after Henry Kissinger’s work) and Britain’s advocators of a two-child maximum.

Competition for water will be the next Great War. The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) claims that food security in Southeast Asia and the sub-Saharan Africa will be protected by investing in small pumps because the world depends on their success.

The World Bank and the UN Population Fund have issued ultimatums (referred to as guidelines) to under-developed nations to either implement their plans for population reduction, or be withdrawn from the international community.

According to the UN’s Reproductive Health Action Plan 2010-2015 , adherence to the UN’s Millennium Development Goal number 5 is an imperative. This goal calls for a 75% reduction in maternal mortality and universal access to reproductive health by 2015.

Melinda Gates, at the recent London Family Planning Summit held in July, spoke of preventing 40% of unwanted births in under-developed nations like Africa and India to reduce the world’s human population growth significantly.

Population stabilization , the true meaning behind family planning is evident in the World Bank and UN Population Fund’s push against sovereign nations to reduce their populations by rule of the “global consensus” which dictates human rights policy by deeming some fit to live and others not.

Based on the Rockefeller Commission report, population stabilization is an endeavor worth pursuing, although its success would take decades because of the high incidents of reproduction by marriage. However, with the destruction of the family, this problem could be solved. Furthermore, the stabilization of the global population would reallocate resources to be better spent in terms of quality versus quantity.

Concluding that the best way to achieve population stabilization is to coerce the nation’s citizens that they freely choose abortion and not having a child at all as part of an acceptable societal norm. By way of implementation of social barrier and cultural pressures, the average citizen would rather go with the flow and chose not to procreate for the sake of being part of the herd.

Simultaneously, by reforming the acceptable amount of children born into a married house-hold, the impact on population growth would seem to be natural. And trends would take care of social conformity. Those who had more children would be shunned.

Increasing access to abortion clinics with the inception and popularity of Planned Parenthood would give unacceptable pregnancies a viable solution. This would distract and control another Baby Boom from occurring.

Using images on television, film and print media to control the ideals of the modern family to fit the model of a population stabilized by no longer being plagued with “run-a-way” births; but focusing on the example of small-families as the best way to go.

Last month, eugenicists, Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva proposed after-birth abortion for infants up to age 2 as they are a “threat” to their parents and society because of the drain on resources, time and energy expended to care for them. Giubilini and Minerva continued on to say that “merely being human is not in itself a reason for ascribing someone a right to life. Indeed, many humans are not considered subjects of a right to life.”

Droughts, lack of access to nutritional food and an agenda of the global Elite to reduce the population are not conspiracy theories. Simply look at the data, the evidence being played out in real time and their own publications where these concepts are outlined for implementation. They all connect together to form the basis of the 90% human population reduction that is necessary for the global Elite to control the world’s population as feudal serfs and slaves to Global Governance.