My name is Jeremy Gibbs. The purpose of this site is to deliver you news and current events from a Biblical perspective.  Some things that I share on this page is just what I am seeing in the social media and or news in the world and does not necessarily mean that I believe the post. The only thing I put 100% faith in is the Lord God and His word, everything else in this life is probably shrouded in lies in some way, shape or form. I have much I would like to share with people in the world. I hope you like this news/media source. The focus of in our lives is Jesus Christ crucified. Please search after the Lord with all your heart and soul and you will have the greatest peace abiding in His love and sheltered by His mighty Hand. May God the Father bless you all abundantly in Jesus name. If you would like to follow my ministry page please click link here: Sowing seeds for Jesus. Thank you for visiting.

2 comments on “About

  1. Hey Jeremy what happened to the article to the fake 911 video of its swing passing behind a building? Causing quite a stir here, though the more I consider it the less likely it seems. It seems too obviously fake. Did you remove it because of this? Cheers, Jamie


    • Yes, it was obviously debunked to the max so there was no reason to have an article that is not accurate. I want to keep things as accurate as possible and I am human which means I can be wrong. If someone points out my being wrong then I will correct it. Thanks for your response and visit.


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